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Is There Something Wrong With Me, Doctor? - 1リットルの涙 One Litre of Tears

After Aya’s fall, her mother immediately rushed her to the hospital. It wasn’t a bad fall - Aya was still conscious, and only ended up with a bad wound on her chin. But somehow, a neurologist was assigned to her case and did some tests with her. She walks fine, her basic sensors are fine, so what was the fuss about?


He finished up with all the tests and called Aya and her mother back. He mentioned that the results will be ready in a few days, and Aya gave a worried look and asked, “Is there something wrong with me, doctor?” 



While he said there was nothing much to worry about, the doctor advised her to keep a diary whenever she notices anything unusual in her physical behavior. It’s a simple task - just a diary, right? I mean, teenage girls usually keep a diary - intimate ones at that, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal. And so Aya writes her first entry…

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