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He can't get a girlfriend because of his small... What?!

Midnight diner, a Japanese classic that features a "slice of life" type of drama where you don't get a steady protagonist and antagonist, but what you get is everyone's story. Every patron in Master's izakaya called Midnight diner has a story to tell. 



Here we look at a young man who has been through a lot, he is a college student that also works on the side to support himself. He's tired, he's lacking sleep, but he's determined to work things out. However, he has a small problem... He likes this girl. He likes the girl but be have a small... Amount of time only for himself, what I mean is that he's going home late, working very early as a paper delivery boy, and the only rest he gets, he spends studying and eating. Does he get her? What do you think?


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