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He killed himself to prove... WHAT?

A councilor killed himself because he wanted everyone to know that the heir to the clan is an arrogant, stubborn, and hot-headed mess. 

But that is not the whole story. At this point, we are looking at history, what you are looking at is a TV Show about the history of Japan which has a title of "Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan". In 1551, the head of the Oda clan has faced death. Oda Nobuhide has passed and now, there was a small struggle of power, however, one stood out as the heir... Oda Nobunaga. He was destined to become the new leader of the clan and the chief councilor Hirate Masahide thought this was a failure and the downfall of the clan so he wanted to make a statement that he was against the move of power, so he killed himself... Not knowing that Oda Nobunaga would shape the future.

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