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These Two Got Caught In The Act! - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City Episode 44 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016)

The confrontation continued and RIko and Hayato explained their side. The members couldn’t help thinking about why they have to be secretive and they said that if they were going to do that, they should’ve been more careful. Yuuki suggested that they should both talk it out to avoid confusion to other members as well. Hayato apologized to Riko but things just happened. They like each other but they couldn’t go out because of Riko’s idol image. The following night, Masako returned home from a project and Riko also arrived after her. An awkward silence came across them and Masako asked what happened. Misaki and Yuuki left so Masako and Riko could talk privately. Riko said that her relationship with Hayato had been progressing and that they already kissed. She honestly told her that she and Hayato had been lying about their true feelings to everybody. The following morning, Masako and Hayato got to talk in the kitchen about things. He also apologized to her. That night, Riko and Hayato talked about their situation once again. They arrived at a conclusion that going out wasn't the right choice for them at that moment. That decision made Riko really sad and that she couldn’t accept it at all. Days later, Arman and Masako went to Kamakura and to the beach. They went to drink and eat at a Thai food restaurant by the beach. They talked about their plans since Terrace House ends in a week and Arman said that he might be going back to Hawaii for a while. They continued their date and boarded a ferry. Arman expressed his desire to take their relationship further -- more than friends that is. Masako said that she probably likes him too but he’s going back to Hawaii and that’s bothering her. He said that there are things that he needs to take care of in Hawaii but he could always go back whenever he wanted to. He also said that if they went out for like a month, and he felt like not going back to Hawaii, then he would stay in Japan. That’s how much he likes her. 

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