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This Cute Girl’s Day Ended Miserably! Who Could’ve Done It? - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City Episode 43 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016)

Hayato and Riko went to the fireworks festival in their Yukatas. Hayato seemed to be thinking about something and was awfully quiet. That night, Riko arrived home and the girls said that she looked cute. She opened up about the experience and said that she enjoyed it but it felt like nothing will happen in their relationship. In the boys’ room, they also talked about what happened. Hayato and Riko’s answers were the same. He said that he couldn’t help it but to see her as a little sister. Yuuki said that if that’s the case, he should make it clear to her. The following night, the girls went out to eat barbecue. They talked about their current activities and work. The following day, Misaki and Yuuki went out on a dati in Ginza. They bought swimsuits since it’s summer. That night, Riko and Hayato got the chance to talk about their situation. It was made clear that Hayato wanted her to focus on her work and school. Meanwhile, Yuuki said to Hayato that it’s clear Riko likes him but he’s just in denial. The following night, Arman and Masako had dinner and talked about random stuff. Arman said that he wanted to know her better too. She said that it was comfortable hanging around with him. Yuuki and Misaki were in the girls’ room and they talked about Hayato and Riko. Saying that their situation is confusing. Yuuki even said that he saw Hayato and Riko kissing by the elevator but what they say to the public (or other members) is contrary to their actions. Yuuki also told Arman about what he found out and said that he’s reaching his limit. In the kitchen, Arman, Yuuki, and Misaki were talking about Hayato when he came in. Arman invited him for a drink. Riko also came into the kitchen and Yuuki opened up the topic. 

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