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A Shocking Move From The Notorious Girl Left Everyone Surprised! - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City Episode 42 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016)

Misaki and Yuuki were hanging out in the rec room watching Terrace House - the movie version, when Masako came in. They noticed that she had been down even during their camping. She said that there’s a lot going through her mind and that she felt like she was being careful with herself. She opened up about how her attention kept on going to Riko and Hayato when she was with Arman. She got really affected by Riko and Hayato. But, she said that she thought she could ask him out casually for lunch so it wouldn’t be that bad. That night, she went for it. She asked Hayato for a lunch date. The following day, they went to have tea at a cafe. They talked about how Riko asked him out and how it took a lot of effort on her side. He said that it made him happy but still had reservations because Riko is just starting from work and his presence might have a negative impact on her. Masako asked him if by chance Riko asked about the lunch, would he be able to tell her. He said that he would and Masako also said that she could also tell Arman about it. Hayato then said that he thinks they shouldn’t be going out alone anymore (in respect to Arman and Riko). That night, Riko and Masako got to talk in the girls room. She told her side and became honest with RIko, and that she asked Hayato out for lunch. She apologized to Riko about not telling her sooner. That night, Yuuki and Masako were in the living room and they were looking really down and stressed when Hayato came and sat with them. He asked what’s wrong and Yuuki told Hayato about Arman’s accident. Misaki knew what happened so when she arrived at home, she also looked stressed. Arman came back to the house as if nothing happened to him. Yuuki really felt guilty so he apologized to Arman. Arman also apologized and said that there was nothing to worry about. Misaki was so worried that she cried while lecturing him. He also apologized to her. The following day, Riko had her first gravure shoot. That night, Masako and Arman were in the living room and she helped him to put ointment on his wounds. They also talked about going out together in the following days. The following day, Masako was making something in the kitchen for Arman. Masako made Thai food for the first time and he said that it was good. They also planned to go somewhere that weekend. Meanwhile, Misaki and Riko buy Yukata for the festival. 

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