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This Boy Professed His Love! Was He Rejected? - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City Episode 41 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016)

Yuuki and Misaki went to Yokohama for their date. Yuuki is determined to change Yokohama in Misaki’s eyes. They stopped by Kanagawa beach first to take a stroll. Afterwards, they had lunch at a restaurant by the beach. They went on the road after eating lunch and Misaki then recognized that they were in Yokohama. That night, while sitting in front of the bay, Yuuki told Misaki about his real feelings towards her. She also said that she likes him and is looking forward to it. She said that she loves Yokohama now. When they arrived home, they announced that they are officially together. They all congratulated them. The following day, they all went camping in Saitama. They did activities like skateboarding -- even the girls tried it! Afterwards, they spent their afternoon by the river. Moments later, Misaki was in a pretty bad mood and the boys noticed it when the girls left to go to the bathroom. The boys talked about it and apparently, Misaki saw a picture of Yuuki’s ex in his camera. Yuuki said that it was his fault for not deleting it and he got frustrated as he was having fun but bad things happened. Back in the cabin, the girls also talked about it. Misaki couldn’t help but cry because she thinks it was jealousy. Both girls get it that she was frustrated. That night, the boys created a bonfire and drank beer. The girls joined them afterwards. Misaki and Yuuki excused themselves and had a talk. Masako and Arman then went inside the house to drink while Hayato and Riko were left b the bonfire. Yuuki apologized to Misaki and Misaki apologized to him as well. Yuuki said that he will not let things like that happen again. Misaki said that she’s just frustrated and she’s going to believe in him. Riko also got the chance to talk to Hayato about going out on another date. She said that she wants to go to a festival or watch fireworks with him. Masako and Arman also got a chance to talk more. He asked her to go somewhere with him soon. They all went back to the campfire and lit some fireworks. 

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