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Notorious Girl Falls In Love?! - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City Episode 40 (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016)

The girls were playing Uno cards in the kitchen and Masako asked Misaki if she’s currently into someone. Misaki said that she’s into Yuuki at that moment but she’s scared that she’ll get rejected. Masako then turned to Riko and asked if she likes someone. Riko said that she doesn’t “like” that person but she’s “interested”. Masako said that she knows who that guy is and asked if things were going well between them. Hayato went into the kitchen then followed by Yuuki. Hayato asked Masako if she’s going to do something the following day and said that she’s going to see her mom one last time before going back to Fukuoka. But, she said that she didn't have plans in the evening and Hayato asked her if she wanted to do cooking lessons by that time. Riko seemed to be confused of what’s happening. The following night, Hayato and Masako had the cooking lesson. They decided to make summer pasta. They talked about goals, careers, and dating. Hayato spoke about him and Riko’s current status and he said that nothing’s ended or started. After that, they continued talking by the pool and they decided to dip their feets in. That time, it was Masako’s turn to tell her side about dating. The following morning, Masako made smoothies for Misaki and Riko then Arman came into the kitchen and had a glass too. After breakfast, Riko and Masako were left in the kitchen and they talked about Hayato. Riko said that she wants to ask Hayato out again and that she might try asking. The following day, Riko’s mom came to Tokyo from Nagoya to go to her contract signing in a talent agency. They had dinner afterwards and talked about Hayato. After some time, they headed home and her mother visited the house. She met Arman, Misaki, and Masako. Hayato then arrived home and also met Riko’s mom. They all chatted for a while before going to the girls room. Riko’s mom said that Arman and Hayato were both good looking especially in person and Hayato seemed to be easy to talk to. Moments later, Yuuki came home and he told the boys about his driving test that he passed but wants to keep it a secret from Misaki. He also got to meet Riko’s mom. While Riko sent her mother off, the rest of the members talked about Yuuki’s driving test. He said that he’s going to tell Misaki about it next time. It seemed like Misaki was upset because she was waiting and said that she’s going to bed. Hayato then told Yuuki that what happened was a mistake and it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Yuki then came to the girls’ room to talk about what happened. Misaki became honest that she didn’t like what Yuuki did because it made her think that he failed. In his defense, he just wanted to surprise her. They made up and decided to have a date that coming friday. 

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