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Can you believe this? 4 types of covers are also lifted Nogizaka46 Mai Shinuchi the 2nd photobook.

Mai Shinuchi 2nd Photobook "When the Dawn" Seven Net Limited Edition Cover (C) Photo: Yu Tokyo (Image courtesy of Shogakukan)
Shinnai's 2nd photobook, which was released the other day, has been receiving a lot of attention due to the beautiful back cut that was trained for the photobook. "# Do you like beautiful Maichun?" Recruited from her fans is also a hot topic, and the official SNS is also exciting. The official title of the photobook has finally been decided as the attention is increasing day by day.

The title is "When the dawn". Regarding the feelings of choosing this title, "I think that dawn has different meanings and times depending on the person. I often move at night, and the sound of" when dawn "is the timing of graduation. I chose it because I thought it would be perfect for me. I would be happy if you could touch this photobook at a deep time and have a wonderful dawn. "



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