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"Gaming Apocalypse Kaiji, not a gambling game"


Kai-ji, the main character, lives each day as a meaningless beast. One day, a debtor 'Endo' suddenly visits his house. He serves as a debt guarantor for his friend, Furubata, whom Kaiji worked with in the past, and insists that Kaiji should pay off the debt instead of Furubata's disappearance. Over the course of a year, Kaiji's debt grows to 3.85 million yen (about 41.15 million Korean Won) due to the huge interest. Kaiji is forced to pay off debts of 60,000 yen a month (approximately 650,000 won) over 11 years in total. Desperate, Endo tells him of a dangerous gambling game where he can pay off his debts 'in just one day', but risk his life.

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