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Masaki Okada exchanges record & approaching the real face


the astonishing action that Okada took when he was late for the book reading of Yukio Ninagawa, who was the first stage of Okada, and the episode that made him laugh unintentionally during the performance of Suzuki Matsuo in "Adult Plan". , On the stage "Hamlet", he looks back on the memories of the stage he has performed so far, such as the story of being over-breathing due to his harsh role and being encouraged by Tatsuya Fujiwara. In addition, we will introduce the view of marriage that you feel when your fellow actors get married, the exchange of e-mails with Tsuyoshi Muro, the indecisive side where you can not decide the meal menu at all, the change in work since you are in your 30s, etc. Will be done.

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