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the violence, blood, and scarcity ,


The movie 'Battle Royale' is a movie that can only be produced from the unique cultural background that Japan has accumulated over the years and the values ​​that do not place much importance on the soul.

The film continues to provide sentimental devices such as love and friendship between characters, confessions before death, reminiscences of the past and dreams in various places where bizarre and shocking murders are continuously unfolding.

 Because the provision of such emotions and information was handled too flatly and briefly, the characters did not deviate much from simple characters such as cartoons. It has become a dry film that is not made.

 The intro, which did not explain the characters very much from the beginning, and developed quickly in the middle, was able to get rid of the boredom of the audience, but I think it may have been that the breathing was too fast.

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