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If You're A Book Lover, These Places Will Make You Swoon

As a self-proclaimed book enthusiast, I have always wanted a place, may it be a café or a restaurant or just a chill, hangout venue where I can sip a drink and enjoy reading a book. In Tokyo, there are several places that are specially made for book lovers!


Source: Tumblr


Book and Bed Shinjuku was established in Ikebukuro in 2015. By its name, this place hosts several books that guests can enjoy, and there are nooks fitting one person who can enjoy a book in silence. There is also the Book Tea Bed in Ginza which also houses single beds for guests to chill and have a book reading session by themselves. The beds are stacked like bookshelves wherein higher bunks can be accessed by a ladder, and each one has a curtain for privacy.

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