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Growing Old Never Looked So Good!

As a fan of the Japanese entertainment industry, there was someone who has continued to charm our hearts whichever age he may be - Ikuta Toma. He started acting in the late '90s, and was a lead actor in the hit series Hana-Kimi. From then, he was a boy crush whom ladies watched out for whichever show or film he was in. He just recently starred in a TV series Can't Write!? where he plays a scriptwriter who is just starting to have a break at his 30s.


(From Ikuta Toma's official Instagram account)


Just last month, it was announced that he's already expecting a child with his wife Nana Seino, who has also made a name for himself in TV shows and movies. What a blessing! Now that he is having a family, we may see less of him but we definitely have a stack of his shows on re-runs, so no loss there!

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