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I can't believe this becomes The movie!! "BL Metamorphosis" will be released early next summer! The role of Urara is Mana Ashida, and the role of Yuki is Nobuko Miyamoto.

"The edge of Metamorphosis" is a friendship between a 17-year-old high school girl, Urara Sayama, who is not good at socializing, and an old lady, Yuki Ichinoi, who learned about BL at the age of 75, deepening exchanges through BL manga. All five volumes of the book have been published by KADOKAWA, and the first place in the female edition of "This Manga is Amazing! 2019", the 22nd Culture Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division New Face Award, "THE BEST MANGA 2019 Read this Manga" It won the 1st place of "!" And attracted a lot of attention.

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