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Sumire Marriage & Pregnancy! Report to a businessman who is 2 years older and mom next spring on Instagram himself on the 12th of this month

It was discovered on the 24th that model and actress Sumire (31) was married to a businessman who was two years older on the 12th. She told Sponichi that she was pregnant, she said, "I'm in a stable period and she'll give birth around next spring," she said happily. ..

To all of you who always support me


Even in this difficult world,

I am very sorry for this personal matter,

The person I've been dating for a long time this time

We report that you are married.

And now, in the relationship with her beloved, who can't be replaced with anything

I also get a new life, and it's a very happy day.


Anytime with kindness and humor

If it's with a wonderful person who makes me genuinely smile

Like me, I will be happier in the future

I believe that we can create a family full of love.


Thank you for your care and warmth,

Because the two of us want to grow further,

We hope you will continue to watch over us warmly in the future.




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