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A mix of laughs, gags and detective plots, Osamu Mukai is coming up in Marriage Detective

Takeaki Daimon's short story "Marriage Detective", which won the 29th Seishi Yokomizo Mystery Award & TV Tokyo Award for "Yukito" and made his debut as a writer, has been decided to be made into a drama starring Osamu Mukai.

41-year-old Ryuji Kurosaki is a detective, but a big showoff, though he is an expert in solving the client's problems. A strong smoker, a hard-boiled charm, Shun Yagami is a junior of the detective agency. However, Ryuji also has some worries. One day, he wakes up, registers with a dating agency in search of a lifelong companion, and begins marriage activities. With the support of Madoka Kido, an adviser, Ryuji struggles because he doesn't understand the woman's heart.

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