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Electric light truck is finally on sale! "ELEMO-K" makes news, goes famous?

ELEMO-K is a light EV that can run 120km on a full charge.It is a light standard multipurpose small electric commercial vehicle "ELEMO-K" manufactured and sold by HW ELECTRO. It gives a feel of a commercial electric vehicle, giving us the cue that JUST MAYBE, Japan is finally going modern. The body size is 3,390 mm in length, 1,440 mm in width, and 1,910 mm in height. The rear part of the exhibition vehicle is a pickup truck, but you can also choose a box type or a flatbed type. It seems that 350 kg of luggage can be loaded on the loading platform. Charging is only normal charging, and it takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge an empty battery. The price is 2,497,000 yen, but it may be less than 2 million yen if subsidies are used. 
Hella expensive aye? Bet its worth the money?

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