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What am I fighting?- the movie premiere gets intersting with a turn of events among the lead actors

Movies apparently are media where accidents happen, relationships build and incidental metaphors are common, be it fictional or a biopic. But apparently, things got interesting at this movie PREMIER (and not inside the movie itself), when 

Ken Yasuda and Eiko Koike took the stage at the premiere event of the movie "What am I fighting?". The two played the role of a married couple for the second time following the Japanese TV drama "My Story Is Long". Yasuda said about Koike, "It's really easy. You can see and listen to Mr. Koike. You don't have to do anything here, you just have to do what you emit ..." Said. Koike, on the other hand, seemed to be completely confident, saying, "I went to the site without any anxiety, relying on it with the intention of entrusting it."

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