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Kento Hayashi & Nana Komatsu give a powerful performance as co-stars in love-drama

"Love Parasite", a movie adaptation of the best-selling novel by up-and-coming author Sugaru Miaki, who has gained tremendous support from young people, starring Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu, has finally been released. The two are proud of their outstanding acting ability and popularity and will be co-starring for the first time in this work, have given a quiet and powerful performance of the hero who is suffering from heartache with exquisite ingenuity and expressionism. 

The director is Kensaku Kakimoto, a genius of the field, who is currently receiving a lot of attention, such as producing the title-back video of the taiga drama "Reach Beyond the Blue Sky", which is currently being broadcast, while playing an active part in a wide range of fields such as commercials and music videos. The unique love story and the charm of the two, which you have never seen before, are fully reflected in the video. We talked to Kento Hayashi and Nana Komatsu.

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