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I fell in love like a bouquet- movie takes away Best actor and actress awards at TAMA festival!

The 13th "TAMA Film Awards Ceremony" was held on November 21st, at the Fuchu Forest Art Theater Dream Hall at the "31st Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM", a festival for movie fans. Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura, who co-starred in the movie "I fell in love like a bouquet," were awarded the Best Actor Award and Best Actress Award.

The "TAMA Film Award" started in 2009, and is selected by the executive committee of citizen volunteers for work, direction, casting, and staff that will be released at general theaters from October of the previous year to September of this year. A movie award that commends "a well appreciated, vibrant work, director, and actor who gives energy to tomorrow and shows dreams" from the standpoint of a movie fan.

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