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Is your husband hiding something from you? Worries arise in The Wife of a Spy

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s ‘Wife of a Spy’ (2020) is a wartime thriller, following the story of married couple Satoko and Yusaku Fukuhara as they struggle to keep secrets from each other and the government after Yusaku witnesses terrible things in Manchuria.


In this scene, Satoko’s childhood friend Yasuharu, who also works for the police, calls her for a short interrogation. Her husband allegedly brought a Japanese woman back from Manchuria and she’s just been murdered. The suspect is their nephew-in-law, who is currently in hiding. Satoko knows nothing and suspects Yusaku might be hiding things from her. Yasuharu tells her that from now on, the police will be keeping an eye on her and her husband.


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