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She’s The One Behind This Another Unfaithful Event And Left The Victims Homeless - Million Yen Women Episode 10

Another tragic event happened that left Shin and the girls homeless. The mastermind burned the house along with Minami. They were interrogated again by the police but nothing came out of it. As they have nowhere to go, Hitomi will go back home, Yuki will go back to her husband, while Midori said she’ll be fine on her own. Shin decided to stay at a hotel until he finds a permanent place to stay. He accepts a live TV interview with Hanaki to lure out the mastermind. Minami’s butler visited Midori and gave out the will she left for her. Midori invited Shin to meet her at a cafe and they talked about Minami’s will. Since they are not living together anymore and the rules doesn’t apply, Shin got the chance to ask Midori about the invitation and what was written inside. He now kinda figured out who is the mastermind behind all of the events.

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