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The Mysterious Girl’s Past Was Revealed. What Else Does She Know? - Million Yen Women Episode 9

He found out who sends the fax messages with the loathesome messages, at it was the mother of the young police whom Shin's father accidentally killed. The phone rang and someone informed him that his father's death sentence had already been carried out and he left a will for him. He was visited by Sakurai and he invited Shin to come with him. While on the way to the restaurant, Sakurai told the driver to slow down so he could let Shin see the novel's billboard. Despite the tragic turn of events, Shin was urged to write a new book as he was becoming a hot topic. Minami reveals something dark about her past. The following morning, he found an invitation on his couch thinking it was from the mastermind but it turned out it was just a dinner invitation from the girls.

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