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A Shocking Tragedy Happened In The Household! What Would Happen To The Tenants? - Million Yen Women Episode 8

Something happened inside Shin’s residence and all those living inside were interrogated by the police. Shin even gained more notoriety as his novel became a best-seller. The murderer who killed Nanaka turned himself in so Shin and the girls were released by the interrogators. Fans and celebrities attended Nanaka’s funeral and even left memorial gifts in front of their home. Hanaki uses Nanaka’s death for his own intentions. Reporters again flocked Shin who was about to enter his home but was saved by Sakurai. His novel was also offered to be turned into a book but he turned it down as Nanaka, who was supposed to play the lead, was already dead. Minami makes her own investigation and it seemed like her suspicions were confirmed true.

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