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The power that a high school's Walking Festival holds will reveal these students' deepest secrets!

The 2006 Japanese movie Night Time Picnic (夜のピクニック) tells a heart-warming slice-of-life story of high school students during their annual Walking Festival. The entire student body participates in it and makes special memories together. What makes it much more special rather than tiring, though?


In this scene, Miwako (Nishihara Aki) and her friend Anna’s younger brother, Junya (Ikematsu Sosuke) take a break with the rest of the students on their way to the next kilometer mark. Junya asks about the guy his sister liked, and whether Anna would’ve confessed if she had participated in the walk that year, too. Miwako ponders the certain charm that the Walking Festival has: the power to make people say and do things they couldn’t before. Perhaps it’s the effect of walking long distances together that creates this sort of healing process.


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