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Have you listened to YOASOBI's new EP 'E-Side'? Hits 'Into the Night', 'Blue', and more included

YOASOBI’s powerful duo Ayase (Vocaloid producer and songwriter) and Ikura (singer-songwriter) released their first-ever English EP ‘E-Side’ last November 12! The EP includes English versions of their hit songs ‘Into the Night’, ‘Blue’, ‘RGB’, ‘Monster’, and 4 more new tracks.



  1. Into the Night (夜に駆ける)
  2. Haven’t (たぶん)
  3. Monster (怪物)
  4. Comet (優しい彗星)
  5. RGB (三原色)
  6. Encore (アンコール)
  7. Blue (群青)
  8. Tracing a Dream (あの夢をなぞって)

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