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Famous pastry chef Susumu Koyama apologizes for receiving a recommendation

It was found that "Patissier Escoyama" (Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture), of which Susumu Koyama (56) is the representative director, received a correction recommendation from the Labor Standards Inspection Office. It was reported on the company's website on the 3rd.

A quotation was posted on the website in the name of Mr. Koyama, and regarding the working environment of the company's employees, twice on January 15, 2018, and January 14, 2018, "From the Itami Labor Standards Inspection Office, Article 32 of the Labor Standards Law. , We have received a correction recommendation for violations of labor-related laws and regulations such as Article 36. " In response to this, he said that he submitted a correction report on March 19, this year. I am going. "

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