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Number 1 ranker in "2021 hit product best 30" & "2022 hit prediction 30" announced


On the 3rd, a preliminary presentation of "2021 hit product best 30" & "2022 hit prediction best 30" selected by "Nikkei Trendy" (Nikkei BP) will be held in Tokyo. We, actor Yuki Yamada and actress Kasumi Arimura as "face of the year", and actor Gordon Maeda as "face of the next year" took the stage with the editor-in-chief Hiromi Mitani.

2021 hit product best 30" from October 2020 to September 2021 The degree of hits was evaluated for the products and services announced and released during that period. Specifically, it is judged according to the three items of sales, novelty, and influence.

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