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New Members Arrive - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 32 Summary & Recap

They talked about Hikaru’s decision and also, Natsumi revealed that she’s leaving the following day. Hikaru explained why he wanted to leave Terrace House and he’s also going to leave the following day. They had fun that night, eating barbecue and drinking. Misaki and Hikaru were left alone outside and they talked about their experiences in the house. Misaki thanked Hikaru for the memories and that he made her happy too. The next one to talk to Hikaru was Arman. They seemed to form a bond together and are very close. They thanked each other for the things they had done together and Arman said that he hopes to go to the beach in Hawaii or Brazil with him. Hikaru then said that he’s going to visit Arman in Hawaii. After they talked, they went in. The following morning, the two members left. Two new members are going to join them very shortly. That night, Arman, Yuto, Misaki, and Riko were in the living room chatting when the new member rang the doorbell. Arman and Yuto welcomed her, Mitsunaga Momoka, a ballerina. She talked about herself a bit and then the new male member went in. The female members welcomed him. Terashima Hayato, a chef in training. He also talked a bit about himself and then they went to the dining hall to have a toast. They talked about their ideal types. Afterwards, they went to their respective rooms. The boys talked about Hayato’s workplace and his first impression. Same goes with the girls, they talked about the boys, especially the new member and Misaki said that he might be Riko’s type. But, Riko said that she’s worried about the age difference (he’s 29, she’s 18). Momoka said that it would be her first time living with boys and encountering them so she’s not sure how to act around them. 

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