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Girl’s Decision In Love - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 30 Summary & Recap

The following day, Riko, up early and was in the kitchen, was greeted by Natsumi who  just came home from a morning jog. She apologized to Riko for what happened the night before. Riko confronted her about it and asked why she brought it up. Natsumi said that she just wanted to know Hikaru’s thoughts and preferences. Riko said that since she was with Misaki when she bought the lingerie and when she showed it to Hikaru, she thought that what Natsumi did wasn’t right and that she should explain to her so that their issues wouldn’t remain unsettled. That night, Misaki and Riko was in their room and Misaki was putting on makeup because she was going to ask Hikaru about their date. She then went down to the boys’ room to talk to Hikaru. That night as well, Yuto was in the living room working when Natsumi sat with him. She talked to him about Riko’s confrontation and asked Yuto’s thoughts about it. He said that it was better if she hadn’t brought the topic up. She’s firm on her ground that she had done nothing wrong and that Misaki was the sensitive one. He also suggested that she should talk to her. The following morning, Natsumi was making homemade burgers for Yuto. When she arrived at his studio, she helped him with his project. She asked him for advice regarding her issues and she said that recently, living in the house has been bothersome for her and asked him if she was being insensitive. That night, Natsumi met Misaki for dinner at a cafe and talked things over. She apologized to her and Misaki said that even if her intention was good, but for consideration, she should’ve just asked Hikaru when she wasn’t  around. They made up and ate dinner happily. Hikaru and Misaki’s date came and they went to YOkohama and to a fancy restaurant, afterwards, they went to see the Yokohama lights. They sat by the river banks and she finally confessed her feelings to him. 

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