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Evil of Dracula (1974) - a satisfying conclusion to the Bloodthirsty trilogy


While the final part of the Bloodthirsty trilogy, Evil of Dracula (1974), doesn't outdo or even match the first, The Vampire Doll (1970), it is at least more entertaining than its immediate predecessor, Lake of Dracula (1971). The vampire action takes place at an all-girls school this time, and while at times cheesier and more of an imitation of Western vampire films than either Doll or LakeEvil of Dracula still has some surprises. One of the more interesting ideas involves a vampiress cutting off the face of a subdued victim so she can wear it as her own and pretend to be the girl. It's a pretty startling and gruesome development (perhaps inspired by the French film Eyes Without a Face) and just one thing that helps make Evil a pretty satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

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