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Murder on the bridge, or an accident? - Sway (2006)

As ‘Sway’ (2006) ends, Minoru is sentenced to prison for the murder of childhood friend Chieko. This happens after Takeru, his younger brother, testifies against him in court, saying he pushed Chieko off the hanging bridge at the gorge the three of them visited.


Sometime before Minoru’s release from prison, Yohei, a friend and worker at their family’s gas station, invites Takeru out for dinner with his wife and daughter. They talk about Minoru’s approaching release and the events that led up to the whole ordeal. Yohei knocks some sense into Takeru, saying he was cruel for taking everything away from his brother by testifying against him. Yohei believes that Minoru did nothing wrong. Takeru is left to ponder on the accuracy of his memory of the day the murder took place.


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