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Reunions and regrets - Sway (2006)

Two brothers and their childhood friend are forced to face their differences in family drama and murder-mystery movie ‘Sway’ (2006). Directed by Miwa Nishikawa, the movie follows the story of brothers Takeru (Joe Odagiri) and Minoru (Teruyuki Kagawa) as they reunite with childhood friend Chieko (Yoko Maki) in their hometown. Both brothers have romantic feelings toward Chieko.


In this scene, the three of them visit a gorge that they frequented as children. Minoru, the older brother, is overjoyed that he gets to have a break from working at the family-owned gas station and plays in the water. Takeru, the younger brother, pulls out his camera to take snaps of their surroundings. Chieko, meanwhile, hangs around in the background, trying to talk to Takeru about her regrets in life. She envied his success in Tokyo and wondered why she didn’t take off with him when he left for the capital. Among other things, she hinted at things not going so well for her. Takeru, however, doesn’t take her very seriously.


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