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I Am a Hero (2015) - over-the-top, manga-inspired zombie action


Based on the popular manga about a zombie apocalypse, 2015's I Am a Hero features a manga artist named Hideo (Yô Ôizumi) who persistently fails to live up to his own dreams of being a hero. Amidst so many other zombie films, I Am a Hero manages to stand out with its exaggerated, heavily manga-inspired zombie makeups and the emotional dynamic between Hideo and the teenage girl he protects, Hiromi (Kasumi Arimura). One of the more exciting, yet quite over-the-top scenes in the film finds Hideo hanging on for dear life as a zombie government official attempts to drag him out of a runaway taxi. It's one of a number of wild scenes in the film that clearly points to the story's manga origins.

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