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Music that heals - Eli Eli Lema Sabachtani (2005)

Shinji Aoyama’s 2005 movie ‘Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachtani’ / ‘My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?’ is set in a fictional, post-apocalyptic 2015, where a mysterious virus called the Lemming Syndrome drives people to kill themselves. Hana (Aoi Miyazaki) is the only grandchild of an aging company president named Miyagi (Yasutaka Tsutsui), and she is showing symptoms of Lemming Syndrome. To prevent her from the deadly consequences, Miyagi takes her to musicians and audiophiles Mizui (Tadaobu Asano) and Asuhara (Masaya Nakahara). Their hypnotic noise music is believed to somehow cure people of the virus.


In this scene, Mizui blindfolds Hana and takes her to the middle of a large field. He instructs her to walk to the very center, to be surrounded by the huge speakers and soon, the music. Mizui recalls himself in the past. He did the same thing for his girlfriend Mako (Erika Oda), when she was still alive.  She still died sometime after. When Mizui begins playing, Hana is entranced by the music and willingly goes to the middle for the rest of his performance.


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