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Jacky Woo directs the movie, in which fiance Yuichi Hanada marks debut

On the 24th, a press conference was held in Tokyo to announce the production of Jacky Woo's new short film "Afterglow Beyond", who is a movie director and a businessman who runs beauty salons.

At the table, the director's fiancé, Keiko Kono (56)'s eldest son and shoemaker Yuichi Hanada (26) announced that he would make his debut as an actor in the film. Hanada said, "I usually make shoes, draw pictures, and do it alone, so it's called team play. It's the first time for my seniors to teach me. It's exciting. Also, I think this will be my vitality, "he smiled. "Beyond the Afterglow" is a story about an old writer and a nurse who have no life expectancy, set in a hospital in Ueda, Shinshu. The work is scheduled to be about 20 minutes long and will be cranked in from the end of October in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture. Yoichi Hayashi (79) plays the main character, an old writer. Anna Iwase (23), a newcomer who was selected from 500 auditions for the role of associate nurse, will play the role of chief nurse, Takako Tsuchiya (55).

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