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Demon Slayer Episode 20: Highlights

Rui wasn’t killed by Nezuko’s blood art. He faked cutting his neck to make Tanjiro believe that he was able to cut it. On the verge of Rui’s anger, charges to Tanjiro but Giyū arrived and saves him. He used the eleventh form of water breathing to shred the threads. He was able to decapitate Rui. Meanwhile, the Daughter who was on the run, remembers Rui. She was able to change her appearance due to his blood. She then comes across Murata and made him into a cocoon filled with acid. Shinobu then arrives and knocks her down. Shinobu asks her how many people she's killed, saying that once she tortures her appropriately for all the people she's killed, they can be friends and her sins will be forgiven. The Daughter refuses so Shinobu cuts her neck with her sword, which is sharp only at the tip as she lacks the strength to behead demons. However, Daughter dies from the wisteria-based poison Shinobu uses. Shinobu then frees Murata. As Rui dies, he thinks he made the pretend family because he had no memories of when he was human, and he thought if he could feel a familial bond, his memories would return. He looks upon Tanjiro and Nezuko, wishing he had what they had.

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