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Demon Slayer Episode 18: Highlights

Giyū and Shinobu arrive at Mount Natagumo and split up to cover more ground. Tanjiro and Inosuke's blades barely scratch Father. Tanjiro drops a tree on the demon, cutting it down, but Father uses the tree to block Tanjiro's sword and throw him away. The poison has Zenitsu lose the use of his arms and legs when Shinobu suddenly arrives and lands next to him. Tanjiro safely lands and follows screams to the Daughter, who is being tortured by Rui. One of the surviving demon slayers arrives, but Rui flings a web at him, instantly shredding him. Tanjiro then fights Rui, frantically blocking his threads with his sword, though he still suffers numerous minor cuts. Father pursues Inosuke until Inosuke realizes he's acting like Tanjiro and turns and attacks him. Inosuke wedges one sword in Father's arm and pounds it with the other sword, cutting through the arm. He suddenly sheds his skin, becoming larger and more muscular with a new arm, and turns on Inosuke, his speed, strength, and skin density enhanced. Inosuke's swords snap when he attempts to cut Father's neck and is sent flying. Father picks up Inosuke, about to crush his head, and Inosuke uses his position to stab his sword into Father's neck, to no avail. Giyū rushes over and cuts off Father's arm, making him drop Inosuke. 

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