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Demon Slayer Episode 17: Highlights

Zenitsu flees from a spider with a human head only to find the nest of the demon that made it, the elder son, whose venom turns humans into spiders. He reveals to Zenitsu he was bitten by one of his spiders and will lose his human form in thirty minutes. Zenitsu hides in a tree as other demon-spiders approach him. He remembers his days of training under Jigoro Kuwajima, who paid off his debt if he became his apprentice. He was struck by lightning while hiding from his training in a tree, which turned his hair yellow. He thinks to himself he is a pathetic person and wants to stop being such a coward. When Zenitsu realizes his hair is starting to fall out, he faints. While asleep he starts to attack the elder son. He remembers how he learned only one form of Thunder Breathing, but mastered it so well he perfected it. The poison starts to affect Zenitsu, making him cough up blood, but he finishes the attack and, traveling at lightning-fast speeds, corners and slays the elder son. He wakes afterward but the poison has crippled his ability to move. Zenitsu uses a breathing technique to slow the poison as much as he can. 


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