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Holding back isn’t so adult-like sometimes- Hidarikiki no Eren (2019) Episode 9

Tensions rise in the ninth episode of Hidarikiki no Eren (左ききのエレン) / Eren the Southpaw. Koichi and his ad agency colleagues are getting ready to put together a photoshoot for the pharmaceutical company’s new “makeup for non-makeup days” cosmetics line. Akari, Koichi’s conceited ex, is a top model and the face of the cosmetics line. However, her self-important nature gets in the way when she hires a haughty top photographer for the shoot.


In this scene, Koichi is informed that the photographer refused to follow their concept of ‘empathy, not admiration’ and proceeded to make it an avant-garde type of shoot. This was far from their rebrand concept. Koichi goes into a fit to stop them, but Rukawa holds him back, telling him to be an adult and not get in the way of the experts. However, Akane questions his words.

“I’m not working to force a smile and get things done quietly. Never getting angry or being frustrated with your job, is that what it means to be an adult?”



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