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Koichi’s last project - Hidarikiki no Eren (2019) Episode 8

In the eighth episode of Hidarikiki no Eren (左ききのエレン) / Eren the Southpaw, the now-soulless Koichi is approached by Rukawa and Akane from the sales department. He is assigned a rebranding project for a pharmaceutical company’s makeup line. Koichi is tired of trying to prove himself and becoming a famous designer, so he declares that this will be his last project before he gives up ultimately.


However, after witnessing how the pharmaceutical company president treats his daughter, the new PR head in charge of rebranding, Koichi suddenly gets fired up. In this scene, he stands up at the meeting to take the lead and help the weak-willed PR gather her ideas for the rebranding. Despite the president reprimanding her mistakes, Koichi focuses on her, encouraging her to speak up. Perhaps he saw himself in her, as someone who is looked down on simply because they lacked expertise in the position they’re thrown into. Despite Koichi saying this was his last project, he seems ready to give it his all.


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