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Death of a creative - Hidarikiki no Eren (2019) Episode 7

Kamiya, Koichi and Micchan’s boss, finally quits their ad agency to join an old colleague to establish their own company together. In episode 7 of Hidarikiki no Eren (左ききのエレン) / Eren the Southpaw, Koichi and Micchan are taken in by two new superiors. Unfortunately, Koichi was picked by Yanagi (Maruyama Tomomi), an extremely exploitative, workaholic veteran designer with a huge superiority complex.


Without Kamiya’s encouraging and more laid-back nature to ground him, Koichi began to cave into Yanagi’s demands. His new boss overworks them, even almost disallowing another person on their team to accompany his wife who went into labor. In this scene that takes place one and a half years since Kamiya left the agency, the former boss and Micchan go watch Koichi at an interview with newly renowned designers. Koichi looks gaunt and lifeless like all his youth had been sucked away from him. Micchan explains to Kamiya that it’s due to Yanagi’s influence. Koichi is becoming just like his workaholic and unforgiving boss. He no longer gives importance to a team and has a lot less vigor when it comes to his craft. People even started calling him ‘Yanagi Junior’.


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