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Another Misunderstanding Is Brewing - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 29 Summary & Recap

That night, Arman, Hikaru, Natsumi, and Misaki were in the living room talking about their plans for the following day when the new member moved in. Nagai Riko from Nagoya, Aichi. She is a high school student from an online school and recently won a national beauty contest. Her purpose for joining Terrace House was to experience living in Tokyo. The girls showed her their room while the boys were left in the living room and Arman said to Hikaru that he thinks it was Riko’s first time seeing half foreigners up close and Hikaru said Arman’s too might’ve spooked her XD. Meanwhile in the girls’ room, they were asking her about her goals while living in Tokyo and she said that she’s looking forward to building relationships with people. In the living room, Arman, Misaki, Hikaru, and Riko were talking about their plans for the next day. Riko said that she doesn’t have any but she needs to buy some things for herself. Yuto arrived home and greeted her. Yuto brought home some pork chashu and they all dined it. They also planned to see the cherry blossoms on the day the members come home from work travel. The following day, Riko and Misaki went shopping together. They went to a cafe afterwards and talked about romance and their attitude towards the person they like. That night, Riko and Hikaru were hanging out in the living room. He asked her about her experience so far and she said that she’s having fun so far. Then, Misaki came down to join them and she was wearing the tank and shorts they bought earlier that day. Hikaru was surprised and said that he couldn’t look in her direction. Back in the girls room, they talked about what happened and Misaki asked Riko about her thoughts. The following afternoon, Arman and Hikaru went out to eat and they talked about Misaki. Hikaru said that he likes her but there were things holding him back like she’s emotionally unstable and that he doesn’t know if she likes him or what. That night, Natsumi arrived and Misaki gave her updates about what happened when she was gone. The following day, Misaki met with her actress friend at a cafe in Tokyo and they talked about Hikaru. That night, RIko went to the rec room and hung out with Arman. He asked her if she’s used to the things around the house and she said that she’s getting the hang of it pretty quickly. He asked her if she’s been to the beach and if she would want to go some time. She said she’d like to go too. The next evening, they went to dinner for her welcoming party and saw the Sakura in bloom. Over dinner, Natsumi said something that might have offended Misaki. 


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