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A Successful Exhibit - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 28 Summary & Recap

In the dining hall, Hikaru and Misaki were hanging out when Yuto came into the kitchen. Hikaru asked her about her opinion regarding if she’s asked to draw a clear object, what would she draw. She said that she’d leave the canvas empty but Hikaru said that there has to be something. She said that he could draw a glass but he said that it should be abstract. Yuto said that he could draw music but without drawing notes or instruments. He said that he could do that and Misaki said that she also thought of something. She also got the opportunity to ask him to take her out because he said it before but he hasn’t done it. She wishes to ride the bike again. But it seemed like he doesn’t want to or is not expressing any interest at all. She said that he was hard to read and that he was a mystery. They decided to go to the onsen. The following day, the members helped Arisa set up the exhibit. That night, the boys were in the rec room talking about what happened that day and said that they were happy to be able to help Arisa. The fishing plan of Yuto and Natsumi was brought up and Yuto said that he thinks he won’t be able to go fishing alone with Natsumi because just the other day, he gave his girlfriend a gift of rod and reel and said that they would go fishing together. So, going with Natsumi would make it look bad. He said that knowing her, it would be better if he would explain things clearly instead of leaving it behind like nothing happened. Moments after, he went to visit her in the girls’ room and told her about the fishing. She accepted the decision but she couldn’t help but cry. But she said that it’s not because of the rejection but of something else. He then said that maybe they could eat somewhere some other time. She still didn't stop crying and he said that they could go out and drink and so they went out. Over drinks, she spoke about what’s bothering her. He gave him advice like she should have more confidence in herself and he wished he could speak his mind more like her. The following night, Misaki, Arman, and Yuto were in the living room and Misaki mentioned that Natusmi and Yuto went to dinner together. Yuto said that they were able to solve the problem and Misaki thought that Natsumi could’ve told her first about her problem. Now, she thinks that there is a barrier between them. Just in time, Natsumi arrived and she was able to hear Misaki's rantings. Natsumi also explained her side. After the confrontation, they asked Arman about his goals and he said that his life has been about going with the flow. He also said that his happiness isn’t based on material things or money. To him, surfing every morning and coming home to his family are his definition of happiness. The following day, for the last minute preparations for Arisa’s exhibit, Yuto helped him with the lettering. She thanked him for his help. Then the other members came in support too. They brought her flowers and she cried when she saw them. They were also able to try the hats. That night, Hikaru, Natsumi, and Misaki were in the living room talking about how things were going between Misaki and Hikaru. They both said that nothing was going on at the moment and that they had been talking about going out but it was not happening. It seems like something unspoken was going on between them. After a moment of silence, Hikari left the girls as he said he was going to take a bath. The girls were left and Misaki said that the things between them were rough the past few days. The following day, Arisa cooked dinner for them as gratitude for helping her. She thanked everyone and said that it was fun being with them. They gave her a parting gift of a handmade scrapbook as a memento. Meanwhile, the new member is going to be with them shortly.

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