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Two lost souls find an ally in each other - Hidarikiki no Eren (2019) Episode 6

Sayuri used to be Koichi’s girlfriend, but they grew apart and now she’s living with Eren in New York, helping her further her art career. But what happened to make Sayuri and Koichi break up? In episode 6 of Hidarikiki no Eren (左ききのエレン) / Eren the Southpaw, Sayuri’s side of the story is explored a bit more.


Koichi cheated on Sayuri with a model from their university named Akari (Yagi Arisa) and Sayuri found out. She goes to Eren and tells her about her self-hatred and that she doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore, especially now that she and Koichi have broken up. Eren regards her as an equal, with both struggling with their purpose in life. Eren talks about how she can’t make her career take off on her own. When Sayuri suggests getting a manager, Eren suddenly makes a proposal. What if Sayuri became her manager? That was the story of how they ended up in New York with their new lives.


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