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Love Is In The Air - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 26 Summary & Recap

Yuto was in the kitchen working on his laptop when Misaki came in the kitchen and chatted for a while. She asked him if he wanted to grab a bite for lunch and he agreed. They decided to eat hamburgers for lunch because they are going to eat Yakiniku for dinner along with the other members. At lunch, they talked about the members, especially Hikaru. She asked him if he’s said something about her and Yuto replied that Hikaru only mentioned that he asked her on a date. Misaki said that she doesn’t mind the age gap but she thinks she’s probably not his type. They  also both know about Hikaru’s interest in Arisa. That night, all of them went to eat Yakiniku. Their conversation went towards Misaki’s ex and Hikaru thinks that the conversation about it was becoming too long. Misaki then said that she thinks he was being immature because of what he said. Back at home, the boys were chatting in their room when Yuto noticed Hikaru’s frustration about Misaki. He said that he thinks the conversation involving the ex wasn’t necessary and he felt that because he was attracted to her. He further explained that he just doesn’t like to be ridiculed at all and that his sense of pride is strong. In the girls’ room, they also talked about what happened and Misaki repeated that Hikaru was being childish. She also said that during lunch, she and Yuto went out and he was easy to talk to. When Natsumi asked her what she liked about Hikaru, she said that she likes him because of his face (meaning he’s handsome) and the girls burst out laughing because of straightforward answer. The following morning, Arman, Hikaru, and Misaki were in the living room when Arman decided to get coffee. Hikaru took the chance to apologize to Misaki and said that she was attracted to her. He explained that he just didn’t like what he heard from Misaki the night before. He also explained about his tone and said that he will work on it. Back in the girls’ room, Misaki said to Natsumi that Hikaru apologized and said that he was attracted to her. Natsumi was surprised and was happy for Misaki. As it was Hikaru’s birthday the day after, they planned on getting him something. That night, Yuto was in the rec room working late night on his final project in school. Arisa came in and asked his advice on interior design for her hat exhibit. He said he could help her even if it’s under time pressure. The following night, Misaki, Natsumi, Arman, and Yuto were in the kitchen preparing for Hikaru’s birthday. Natsumi spilled the beans and exposed Misaki about liking Hikaru. Arisa arrived at home and helped the girls in preparing. Moments before Hikaru arrived, they turned off the lights to surprise him. When he arrived, he was really surprised. Misaki even gave him a gift. Arman teased him and said that he should read the card aloud. 

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