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Mr. Perfect In The City - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 25 Summary & Recap

The new male member came in Handa Yuto, a university student studying to become an architect. He said that he doesn’t plan yet on working after graduating because he is planning to study abroad in Harvard if he gets in or in Columbia. Apparently, he has a girlfriend too. (It was my first time to encounter a Terrace House member who has a girlfriend prior to entering the house!) They asked him a lot of questions and he answered them maturely. They showed the new members the rooms and other facilities around the house. Inside the boys room, they were talking about Yuto’s current project which is a cafe. In the girls’ room, they were talking about Misaki’s impression of the guys. The following morning, Natsumi came back from a run and saw Arman and Yuto in the living room. Misaki also went to the living room and had a chat with them. Yuto asked them for help with the furniture he is building and said that they could come to his studio if they had extra time. They went to the studio that afternoon to help him. He had him help with painting the table. That night, Misaki, Natsumi were in the kitchen preparing for dinner while Arman and Hikaru were waiting at the table. After dinner, Hikaru and Misaki were left in the kitchen and they chatted about how things were going so far for her. She said that it was just the second day and she was doing good so far. He subtly asked her if she’s seen his motorcycle parked downstairs and she said that she wondered whose it was. He said that she could ride it if she wanted to but she told him that she doesn’t have a license. Hikaru said he wants to ride with her some day. In the rec room, Hikaru and Arman were talking about the conversation in the kitchen. Hikaru said that he plans to ask Misaki to go somewhere with him. He plans to but he couldn’t. Arman said that he thinks he should just go for it and ask her casually. That night, they were all in the living room and one by one they went to the kitchen leaving Hikaru and Misaki alone. He finally asked her if she wanted to go somewhere and she said yes.

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