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Getting on the same level as the experts - Hidarikiki no Eren (2019) Episode 5

The fifth episode of Hidarikiki no Eren (左ききのエレン) / Eren the Southpaw focuses on Kamiya’s story. Kamiya (Ishizaki Huwie) is Koichi’s boss at the creatives department. He’s been harsh to Koichi since the beginning, but he gradually softened and became more concerned about him and his other subordinate Micchan (Imaizumi Yui). After experiencing difficulties at work, Kamiya is thinking of quitting.


Here, Kamiya and Koichi share a taxi ride and chat about work and life, recalling the things they went through individually and as a team. The advertising and creative world, in general, is very competitive and tiring, but Kamiya tells Koichi the good of it all: they can still create things that put them all on an equal level with the geniuses. Even though they can’t be successful all the time, when they create something impactful, their creations allow them to see the ‘same scenery’ that the creative geniuses see.


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