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Farewell to the first couple + Hello to the new members - Terrace House: Boys & Girls in The City (Netflix & Fuji TV, 2015-2016) Episode 24 Summary & Recap

Minori and Natsumi met at a local restaurant for dinner. Natsumi said that she was happy that Minori invited her because Minori is not that type. They then talked about finding love at Terrace House. Minori asked her about Hikaru and said that she doesn’t get it. Natsumi explained that she never dated or fallen in love with someone younger before and she’s the type to be pampered so she doesn’t think that a younger person could do that. Minori said that it depends on the guy’s ability. The following afternoon, Minori and Natsumi were in the kitchen baking cake and cookies for Valentine's day. Minori gave the cake to Tatsuya and he proudly said to look at the cake she made for him. Hikaru and Arman jokingly ignored him XD Then, Minori announced that they will be leaving Terrace House in four days. The planned snowboarding trip will be their last activity before leaving. Everyone except Natsumi went snowboarding. That night, Natsumi met them at a restaurant in Tokyo for dinner. She asked how the trip went and Tatsuya said that it was fun but they were all in pain. Minori and Tatsuya shared their most memorable experience while living inside the house. The following night, they were all in the living room (except Arisa) and they were having fun talking. Arisa arrived home and joined them. The boys decided to eat ramen outside and the girls were left behind. Minori said that things have changed between her and Natsumi ever since their dinner and Natsumi wished that she could have more time to spend with Minori. The next day, time for the couple to leave. The next day, new male and female members are going to live with them. That night, as they were preparing dinner, the new female member moved in. The doorbell rang and Misaki Tamori came in and introduced herself. She works in the entertainment world while having part-time jobs as well. She is a very straightforward person like Natsumi and she thinks that they would clash while living together in the house. They had curry for dinner when Arisa came home and ate with them. After dinner, they went to the living room and talked about their goals and dreams. While they were talking about plans for the following day, the new male member came in. 

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